Dear beloved proud friend I offer you protection, good food and my care. If you want something else, please ask me! I would like a few things in return: fly high and well. Don’t fly away, don’t  betray me, don’t hide yourself when I come. Fly high and quickly, don’t fly away, keep an eye on the dog. If I lose sight of you, if I make a mistake, let me hear your rattle. Another important thing: don’t alight on plants! Seize quickly your prey and come back soon when I call you back. In a flash fly down, with the sun and the rain. You can make me happy both with a pheasant and a partridge. That’s why  I tell you: ask me what you want, rare friend! I follow you and think my heart is up there with you.”

The falconer’s prayer

EAGLES AND HAWKSThe magic of flight

Our staff organises for the guests who love falconry or are curious about this fascinating world, exciting shows in which hawks and eagles  dance  in the air with unfurled wings. At the end of the performance our staff will be at the disposal of our guests to show them the wonderful specimens.

HUNTING With hawks and eagles

Experts in falconry will lead the fearless guests along a path of adventure, where the laws of nature and the harmony with man dominate. Hunting with hawks and eagles in the wonderful  Apulian wildlife hunting reserves will make your trip  a special event.


Our staff organises, for the guests with the dream of flying, paragliding experiences with hawks and bald eagles. It is a special way to establish a close contact between man, nature and the vast sky.

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